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Mineral Library – Looking out for my books

ex libris


Mineralogy, an Introduction to the Scientific Study of Minerals, by Henry Miers (whom miersite was named after), 1902. 584 pages and 700+ illustrations, green cloth cover with gilt lettering. Measures 225x150mm and weighs 1,440g. Ex Libris R. Hornsby.

Textbook of Mineralogy

A Textbook of Mineralogy. With an Extended Treatise on Crystallography and Physical Mineralogy, Edward Salisbury Dana, 1882. On the plan and with the cooperation of Professor James Dwight Dana. 485 pages with upwards of 800 woodcuts and one colour plate. Hardback, 4th edition. ex libris George Seyfried, Hobart, Tasmania

Rock Minerals

Joseph P Iddings, 1911, Rock Minerals. Their Chemical and Physical Characters and their Determination in Thin Sections. Hardback. 617 pages. Blue cloth with gilt letters. Includes a cloth-backed colour chart: Table of Birefringences. ex libris C. T. Maddigan, Oxford, UK, 1919. Iddingsite, an alteration product of olivine, is named after […]

Getting Acquainted With Minerals

George English, 1934, Getting Acquainted With Minerals. Hardback. 324 pages. Red cloth with gilt letters. Designed to introduce the science of mineralogy to a 14 year-old or an adult. Includes 258 illustrations. George English was a mineral collector and dealer. The rare phosphate mineral englishite is named after him. ex […]