Mwynau Llyfrgell

Mineral Library – Looking out for my books

Day: February 17, 2019

Rock Minerals

Joseph P Iddings, 1911, Rock Minerals. Their Chemical and Physical Characters and their Determination in Thin Sections. Hardback. 617 pages. Blue cloth with gilt letters. Includes a cloth-backed colour chart: Table of Birefringences. ex libris C. T. Maddigan, Oxford, UK, 1919. Iddingsite, an alteration product of olivine, is named after […]

Getting Acquainted With Minerals

George English, 1934, Getting Acquainted With Minerals. Hardback. 324 pages. Red cloth with gilt letters. Designed to introduce the science of mineralogy to a 14 year-old or an adult. Includes 258 illustrations. George English was a mineral collector and dealer. The rare phosphate mineral englishite is named after him. ex […]